Sildenafil citrate aka Viagra is the world wide known pill able to treat erectile dysfunctions and regain men’s confidents in their ability to completely satisfy their partners. The history of the “blue pill” as Viagra is often called is quite interesting and with an element of surprise for most people that are not familiar with what lies beyond its package. The organization “guilty” for discovering the drug is called Pfizer a well known pharmaceutical company whose specialists wanted to find a medicine able to treat hypertension and the symptoms of a heart disease called angina pectoris. The first clinical trials conducted under the supervision of Ian Osterloh showed little or no effect in treating the diseases for which it was intended. Instead in all cases a peculiar symptom was observed will most male patients and that was in all cases a penile erection. This came as a huge surprise so much so that Pfizer decided to give up the research for treating angina pectoris and hypertension focusing instead on a problem considered hopeless until than: erectile dysfunction. Thus in 1996 the drug was patent gaining approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration on March 27 and two years later Viagra became official the first and only oral treatment for impotency. Men and woman alike received this news with high emotion and hope determining a real boom in the drug’s sale which registered during three years time (1999-2001) over 1 billion dollars in sale.

According to the British press the scientists behind this phenomenon were Peter Dunn and Albert Wood both of Kent, England who worked on the crucial and endeavoring nine-step process to synthesize a Sildenafil (Viagra) compound into a pill. Although Pfizer refused to point these two scientists as the soles creators of Viagra, preferring to attribute this discovery to the company’s common effort , the press investigation’s revealed the truth behind the discovery. This was not reckon as an option for the company whose statement remain unchained considering the two scientists simply employees who did their job and received compensation for it. Furthermore as the company claims due to shortage of paper all the scientists’ names involved in Viagra’s discovery couldn’t appear on the patent’s application therefore it was decided that only those of department head should be mentioned. It was so that Dr Simon Campbell’s name became associated with Viagra and the entire American press gave him the title of the “blue pill’s” parent.

The publicity surrounding Viagra was not all good as hundreds of law suits were intended to Pfizer Company due to the drugs side effects. The most costly for the company was that of Joseph Moran a car dealer from New Jersey who asked for 110 million dollars in compensation for an accident that allegedly Viagra caused it. He claimed passing out in the driver’s seat after seeing blue lightning coming from his fingertips when returning home from a date. It has not been proven whether or not the passing out was the pill’s fault or the overexcitement caused by his date partner.


The disease of erectile dysfunction is a common disease nowadays in the world and in most of the cases it is seen in the older people who have age above 30. In the disease of erectile dysfunction the stiffness of the penis becomes zero and in this way a person suffering from this disease becomes infected and is unable to do sex which is considered as major and main part of life and a person who is unable to do the activity of sex is not a complete man. In the past there was no treatment of erectile dysfunction due to which people suffering from the disease of erectile dysfunction have to suffer a lot. In some cases divorces were often seen in the partner for not fulfilling the requirement of sex. With the introduction of Viagra in the international market of medicines the treatment of the disease of erectile dysfunction has been made possible and one can enjoy his life and can do the sex anytime and at any place whenever he wants.


When we talk about the treatment of sexual diseases then first name that comes in our mind is erectile dysfunction. This has become a common sexual disease in all around the world. Since people does not care their health that is why such peoples are increasing day by day. An immediate treatment can stop them from further action. So it is very necessary for you to contact with a professional doctor for their treatment. If these diseases become worse then it will be difficult for the doctors to treat them. Our discussion is also related to the treatment of a sexual problem.


One thing should be kept in mind that only one medicine is not available in market for this purpose. You can find other medicines also which can act like Levitra, for example Viagra and Cialis. But Levitra is highly preferred by the doctors because of its availability in lower doses.

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